Mama's in the Kitchen

We won't even discuss how long it's been since I've blogged, but when I get inspired I get inspired, so here goes.  This afternoon I cooked one of my favorite quick soup recipes, it literally takes less than 10 minutes to throw it all in the pot, and ya just let it simmer as long as you need to.  You can even throw it in a crockpot.
It includes 8 canned vegetables and beans (Yes, you can use fresh or frozen if you'd like), a pound of ground hamburger meat, and a package of Ranch seasoning.  I forgot to add green beans to this picture, so add the green beans. Brown the meat, pop open the cans, I like to throw a little minced onion in it (I do this for most things), throw the seasoning packet in there, and voila you have dinner.
Serve over fritos with some cheese sprinkled on top or whip ya up a pan of cornbread.
I personally am not the biggest fan of cornbread, but my husband loves the jalapeno cornbread from Market Street, so if I were a nice wife I'd run get him some.
This recipe is great for cold days, warm days, having guests over, wanting leftovers.  One batch makes about 3 quarts, so double if you like.  One recipe is plenty for our little family and includes leftovers.  If I have guests sometimes I double.
You might think, wow that's a ton of vegetables.  Yep, it is, but it's so yummy.  And even my husband and daughter, who like minimal veggies, love it.  I do know a couple of our man friends (won't name any names) who probably will still despise it.  Shout out to y'all!  It ain't no thang!

At the bottom are Knock Ya Naked Brownies from The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook.  I will say I snuck a bite, and I am now sitting here in my skibbies.  Juuuuust jokin.



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